Beitrag GRAF+ZYX: Herzo Base Exit
Museum of Private Arts Vol. 8
Aufführung mit Bühnenobjekten und Videogroßprojektion

Ars Electronica ’86

Festival für Kunst, Technologie und Gesellschaft


Installation as media project of an aesthetic situation (with video, music, object, human artefacts)

Museum of Private Arts Vol. 8

The application of the transclassical machine (art and technology) permits aesthetic messages and information to be produced no longer in reduplication of the original by means of classical models but rather through the technical realization of an electronic system specifically designed for that purpose. This art-machine processes programmatically hypermodern aesthetic realities as categories of the intellect and thus opens up new dimensions to art constituting the freedom of the ability for original beginnings.
Preferring the non-trivial and forsaking a reality drawing on nostalgia, scenic contens, self-performances, and contemporary forms of style are taken from the sphere of the obvious to that of the controversial and by means of the technical application they are released of their purpose and changed into new bizarre forms and symbols.
By permutation on this defined and coded stock of symbols a multimedial language field is being established within a stochastic system, in which synthetic forms and concepts are tested as to the possibility of new meanings and obligations. (Quote: Markus Brüderlin)
The physical property of the system is that of a simulation model using electronic and photo-optical media for the projection of a new sensuality.

These pictures reveal aspects of our earth as they can be perceived from a position at an adequate distance in space: numerous colours and forms, an impressive spectacle. They show bizarre shapes, wide expanses of mysterious systems, islands abounding with life: a dazzling vision of shade and light. Earthbound man so far only had individual parts of the puzzle to imagine universal reality. Here then is the complete mosaic: the earth seen from space.

Musik, Bildkörper, Video
18 Kapitel, Gesamtdauer 00 : 43 : 00